Bitterroot Trail Preservation Alliance (BTPA)


4/14/2022 - Trail Clean-up day on 4/23/2022

In recognition of Earth Day, trail clean-up along various sections of the Bitterroot Trail will be assisted by individuals planning to begin at 9:00 AM and finish by 12 noon. Please contact the appropriate individual indicated below or show up at the indicated locations.

  • Florence: The Fire Station: contact Roger DiBrito 406-327-5645
  • Lolo: Farmers State Bank Parking Lot: contact Jean Belangie-Nye 406-370-1783

Collection areas for full garbage bags next to the trail:

  • The old weigh station, 
  • The willow tree north of Lolo, 
  • Lolo by the Glacier Rd. light, 
  • Highway 12 ( leave next to the Trail on the east side of Hwy 93). 
  • South of Lolo - Mormon Creek.

3/9/2022 - Now into Prime Trail Use Season:

"courtesy": the showing of politeness in one's attitude and behavior toward others. 

  • Cyclists please slow as you approach other trail users. Use your "bell" and identify yourself when approaching from the rear....."Good Morning", "I'm behind you, passing on your left!"
  • Dogs, walking your caretakers, please stand by your caretaker when cyclists approach. We know you "live to chase", please chase the rabbits, not the bikes.

About the Bitterroot Trail Preservation Alliance

The Bitterroot Trail Preservation Alliance (BTPA) was established in 2016. Our goal is to promote and maintain public multi-use non-motorized trails in the Bitterroot Valley. The current Bitterroot Trail is a 45-mile paved trail that connects Missoula, MT to Hamilton, MT – and the welcoming towns along the way – while paralleling the rugged Bitterroot Mountains (see our Interactive Map). In order to maintain this welcoming atmosphere, we ask that all trail users respect adjacent private property and other trail users. 

The BTPA recognizes the significance of preserving and restoring the National Historic Transportation Route along the Bitterroot Corridor. The BTPA is currently working with Government agencies, non-profit organizations, private groups and individual landowners to protect and restore this transportation link. This non-motorized trail connects the Greater Missoula area with unlimited recreation opportunities within a one day’s ride of Downtown Missoula. The Bitterroot Trail happens to parallel and follow the routes of the Lewis and Clark and Nez Perce National Historic Trails as well as the Ice Age Floods National Geologic Trail and the Bitterroot River.

The Board of Directors of the BTPA is drawn from Bitterroot Valley residents who promote and use non-motorized facilities, local community officials, and leaders of regional organizations that encourage sustainable community development.

All funds collected are put directly into trail promotion, signage, and maintenance. With your help and support, the Bitterroot Trail will continue to be a treasure and provide economic development to the communities along the trail.

To find out more about the Bitterroot Trail and the communities that it connects visit the Bitterroot Trail website provided by Destination Missoula.

As a 501(c)3 organization our Bylaws are a public document and may be viewed here.