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Bitterroot Trail Preservation Alliance

The Bitterroot Trail Preservation Alliance Board of Directors is composed of 4 to 9 individuals elected by and from the membership of the organization who are 18 years of age or older. Board members are elected for terms of 3 years each with terms staggered to provide overlap of membership. Board member elections are held each March at the annual members' meeting. You can view our "Bylaws" here.

Board members for 2024 and their cities of residence

President: Jean Belangie-Nye, founding member - Lolo


Jean Belangie-Nye is president of the Bitterroot Trail Preservation Alliance Board of Directors and one of the founding members. Although, she is not an avid cyclist, she is an strong advocate for multi-use shared trails. Her dream is to see a shared use pathway that runs from Glacier Park to Yellowstone Park through the Bitterroot. Eventually she would like to see a Trail that runs from the Trail of the Coeur d’ Alene’s to North Dakota and connects all of Montana’s shared use pathways.

Jean has been involved with the Trail for almost thirty years. She chaired the Highway 93 South Pathway Focus Group and was the Missoula County and Lolo representative on the Citizens Advisory Committee for Highway 93 South. Jean was the chair of the Missoula2Lolo Shared Use Committee for the pathway section between Missoula and Lolo. She was a member of Team Tiger which resulted in the TIGER Grant for the Missoula2Lolo section of the Bitterroot Trail. Jean was a member of the Bike Walk Alliance for Missoula Board for seven years and chair for two years.

Jean is an artist and former elementary school educator who lives in Lolo with her standard poodle, Tycho and her cat, Abu. In addition to her passion for trails, Jean spends her time gardening, working with her photography and socializing with her friends.

Vice-President: Diana Wood - Victor

Secretary: Roger DiBrito, founding member - Florence

Roger DiBrito

Roger is serious about cycling.  A bicycle commuter since an early age for school and recreation.  Retired Health Enhancement teacher, Roger has taught children and adults how to mix with traffic in a predictable, responsible way as pedestrian, bicyclist or motorist.  His focus is “Public access to Public Land”, securing “right-of-way” trails and paths to our natural resource’s; rivers, streams, lakes, State and Federal Lands.  He encourages non-motorized travel for personal and planet health.

Treasurer: Bob Wachtel, founding member - Missoula


Bob had been an avid bicycle commuter during his career at the University of Montana in a professional staff position providing service to faculty and students with media support. After retiring from the University he was a founding member of Bike/Walk Alliance for Missoula, Inc. and held the position of Treasurer for that organization for 7 years. Bob became interested in the Bitterroot Trail when BWAM was instrumental in applying for the TIGER grant that enabled the construction of the Missoula to Lolo section of the Bitterroot Trail. With his active membership in the Missoula Bicycle Club, Bob is particularly interested in preserving and improving the safety and enjoyment for all users of the Bitterroot Trail and bicycling in general for transportation, recreation, and health.

Board Member: Bryan Donner - Lolo

Board Member: 4 Vacancies for 2024 - please see the "BTPA Board Information Sheet" for information if you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors of the Bitterroot Trail Preservation Alliance.

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