Sponsors & Grantors of the Bitterroot Trail Preservation Alliance

Welcome to our page of recognition for our major supporters and grantors!

We will be recognizing major donors who have not indicated that they are to be anonymous along with any grants that have aided our actions to maintain and improve the Bitterroot Trail for all users of non-motorized recreation. These will be listed in reverse chronological order with the most recent at the top of the list.

Missola_County_Logo.pngIn early 2024 BTPA began participation in the Montana Department of Transportation Adopt-a-Highway program. We have adopted the clean-up of the section of Highway 93 from Lolo Creek to just north of Trader Brothers. In anticipation of this adoption, BTPA applied to the Rural Micro Grant Program of Missoula County to fund pick-up grabbers to aid in the clean-up of the highway shoulders as well as the trail borders. Sincere thanks for all of the support that Missoula County has provided to the Bitterroot Trail Preservation Alliance to help improve and maintain the Bitterroot Trail multi-use facility.

Missola_County_Logo.pngIn 2022 Missoula County provided another matching grant to assist with the installation of mileage bollards from the Buckhouse Bridge to the County Line Rd. at 1/2 mile intervals. These bollards (4"x4" wooden posts) have the mileage from the junction of the Bitterroot Trail and the Milwaukee Trail in Missoula.

Missola_County_Logo.pngSince September of 2017 until the end of 2023 Missoula County has provided a matching grant for us to use to coordinate installation of the portable toilets between Missoula and Lolo, and just north of Florence at the underpass to the Carlton Creek Park & Ride.